Megan Johnston

Candidate for Director at Large

Hello! Megan Johnston here! I am running for one of four Director at Large (DaL) Positions on the Student Union! First things first! Before you can decide that you want me to be your Director at Large you need to know what a Director at Large is! While I have not robbed any banks, or committed any illegal crimes recently, (I have to specify illegal because I walk out of the door looking like a crime everyday – self love is good, you heard it here first folks) a DaL might as well be a criminal right? Also, are you wondering why all of these sentences end in exclamation marks?! Most of my sentences end in exclamation marks IRL and the purpose of this little intro is to get to know me right? Right! I hope throughout campaign week that is exactly what you accomplish! You’ll find everything I’m up to on my instagram (@meganjohnstonstudentrep)! Okay deep breath and mental note to drink less coffee. The Position of the Director at Large is basically like a really cool aunt or grandma that is always giving you money and baking you cookies. In this role I would ensure that students enjoy their time at this university utilizing all the resources available to them! I am a big advocate of supporting students in all capacities, because what it means to support students looks different for everyone! I would be volunteering for really cool events (which happen all the time!), and interacting with staff and other members of the board to pursue complete transparency on all SUO matters. The Student Union is here to serve the students and so am I, and I know with my experience as the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Student Representative, I can and will do it well.