Maziar Matin Panah

Candidate for Faculty of Science Rep.

My name is Maziar Matin Panah, but feel free to call me Maz! Having immigrated from Iran in 2013, I spent the past eight years living in western Canada while using the opportunity of the public education system to gain a high load of knowledge in different fields and improve my skills, mostly in communication, speaking, debating, and socially interacting with others. As of right now that we are all coming back together to partially join our in-person classes, it is the perfect opportunity for thinking and collaborating through the means of academics to build a better campus and a more practical education experience for everyone. Having that said, I question myself by asking “Why shouldn’t I use my skills for improving our community?” And that is why I am grateful to have the opportunity to campaign for become the Student Representative of the Faculty of Science. Through the aspects of respect, academic hard work, discipline, and collaboration, I would use the best of my ability for achieving the improvements which lie ahead. There are of course many specifics and details into the areas which need to be improved, but generally I promise to represent you and have your voice heard for a better campus and student life!