Berat Celik

Candidate for Director at Large

My name is Berat; I am a freshman bestowed with the 2021 Karen McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award. I plan to do a double major in Computer Science and Economics, and I am currently serving as the President of the Turkish Student Association. Motivation, determination, and hard work. These are the features that drive me to be the best of myself and will make me a great Director at Large. I am an experienced leader with a consistent track record of standing up to power and fighting for my peers. As a Director at Large, I want to devote myself to supporting the UBCO community and the executive team with their initiatives so that we can secure a future for UBCO where students are motivated, skilled, and prepared for significant challenges. I foresee that through efficient leadership and management, our community will be empowered and have the potential to prosper within the realm of equal access to new and improved opportunities. Thus, I look forward to being elected so that I can continue to broaden my horizons and influence the UBCO community towards success and well-being.