Aryam Dwivedi

Candidate for Director at Large

My name is Aryam Dwivedi and I am a third-year Bachelor of Applied Science student majoring in Electrical Engineering. I am running for the position of Director at Large. I am a highly motivated, hardworking, and creative person who is ready to face challenges. I am a very outgoing and friendly person who takes passion in anything that I undertake. I am an International student, born in India and raised in Singapore, encountering people from different cultures at an early age. Working in the SUO is about working for the students and helping the executive team in creating an exhilarating academic year while also dealing with the issues that affect our daily lives. Currently, I am the President and co-founder of the Cricket Club at UBCO while I have also helped other major clubs in their events over the past few years. I have hobbies in athletics, team sports like Cricket, football and I play the piano. I attend numerous workshops and took part in various clubs in high school as the yearbook team, photography club, and music club. In my program, I attended a course that made me realize the type of leader I am, giving me insights into a few leadership qualities that I would proactively look forward to use. I believe I have the experience and skills that will make me a suitable candidate for the role. I will try to ensure that every voice is heard and everyone will have an enjoyable academic year.